Links – Great platform for fast IoT prototyping – Innovative European IoT sensors and gateways company – Global Open Source IoT network and community – great source of interesting news about IoT – Very good blog about all flavours of IoT – Great tool for easier programming for IoT – Ready to use mobile app for IoT


Books that we recommend  The Amazon Way on IoT: Great book, and also not very long with lots of useful information and easy to grasp tips.  Building the Internet of Things: Solid book about IoT, a bit boring sometimes, but a lots of useful information, especially for IoT novices  Be Obsessed or Be Average: Great motivational book for pretty much everyone who wants to succeed in life  The E-Myth Revisited: Great book about how to to succeed in your path as an entrepreneur  Mindset: The New Psychology of Success: Excellent book with a simple theme about fixed and growth midset but packed with tips and real life examples.


Blogs that we care about – John Sonmez is a real inspiration, a guru with a ton of free and useful tips about…well pretty much everything – This is one quite well known channel about style and also about personal development





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