IoT is a pretty complex mashup of devices, sensors, communications technologies and protocols, platforms, cloud, edge, applications, frameworks and many more. So our mission is to make this complex ecosystem a simple one! This idea is written in the name of our blog combining words simple and IoT.

Apart from people interested in IoT we are planning to write a lot about entrepreneurship, setting goals, motivation, personal growth and growth mindset, sales and business development since we want to encourage people to start their IoT journey and also their small business around IoT solutions. We plan to do this by focusing on  practical knowledge and tools how to best exploit this wonderful world of opportunities. So the plan is to keep the focus only on practical solutions that give real benefits to end users (and not solutions that you or me might find interesting).

We highly support the idea of being a giver and our primary mission is to give value to the world. We strongly believe that our focused effort can make the world a slightly better place.

Finally, we would like to share and promote interesting IoT projects and solutions from our part of Europe (SEE). This part of Europe is known for having very good STEM universities and engineers, so who knows maybe we’ll discover another Nikola Tesla that will once again change the world for the better.

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