NEWS: Smart home security – some useful tips for starting

Since I am looking into smart home more recently I have found and interesting getting started article about Home security system considerations here. One of the first things is to define the concerns:  biggest worries, must-have security features, connectivity types (WiFi, Bluetooth, etc.), how large is the home, professional monitoring or not, the budget, how often do I […]

March 20 < 1 Minutes to read

KNX – a standard for home and building automation

I have been reading about smart home recently and my colleague Ivan informed me about KNX standard so I have spent some time to learn about this interesting open system. Generally, smart home/building market is expected to be worth $29.8 billion by 2021. Largest vertical sectors are luxury villas, offices and hotels. The KNX protocol/standard […]

March 11 3 Minutes to read

App control to your home’s circuit breakers by Leviton

When I have read this article my first thought was….hey I would like to have this in my home :). Leviton has managed to make a smart load breaker box with added WiFi/Ethernet hub that will let you manage each of your circuit breakers from your phone. Some of the benefits of the technology are: […]

March 10 < 1 Minutes to read

Is the smart home is broken?

According to this article the answer would be…not far from it! due to the fact that the smart home of today can’t provide the integrated and contextualized experience that homeowners expect from a “smart” system. Althouh competition is good since it increases choice, it leads to a fragmented market and a worse user experience. To combat this […]

January 31 < 1 Minutes to read

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