What’s IOTA and how to buy it?

We’ve been writing about Blockchain and IOT and now we’ll explore IOTA cryptocurrency and give you an almost step by step guide on how to buy it. The IOTA token was created to service the ‘Internet of things’: the billions of small computing devices that are increasingly being embedded into everyday objects, enabling them to […]

August 18 3 Minutes to read

Building the IoT by Maciej Kranz – book review

Introduction I quite liked this book. It doesn’t have too much deep technical information but it focuses more on the real use cases, industry perspective and the business part of the IoT. Also, Kranz is able to demystify IoT, not goo too much into hype but present solid use cases and reasons why IoT is […]

February 26 5 Minutes to read

NEWS: Crossroad ahead for LoRaWAN ?!

According to the post of Mr. Harald Naumann, LoRaWAN doesn’t fit within SRD (Short range device) umbrella regulations. There’s a need for studies about LoRaWAN causing interference in SRD860 band. Anyhow, it seems that today’s LoRaWAN line of business is heading to a crossroad and it’s hard to anticipate which way will it go, since […]

February 18 < 1 Minutes to read

Understanding what API, REST and JSON are in your IoT journey

Introduction While learning about IoT systems I have stumbled upon the word API, REST API and JSON many times. Although I kind of knew the meaning, now I took the time to learn in more details what exactly these mean so it crossed my mind why not write a brief article about it. Bear in […]

December 16 2 Minutes to read

What’s Watson IoT?

Well, the answer is simple – it’s another IoT platform and this one is developed by IBM. As you can read in our earlier post Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for IIoT Platforms in 2018 – IBM is in Niche Players Quadrant, but very close to Visionaries Quadrant. Recent IBM’s acquisition of  Red Hat for 34 billion […]

November 25 2 Minutes to read

What is Wi-SUN?

Goal of Wi-SUN (Wireless Smart Ubiquitous Network) is to create interoperable Smart Utility and Smart City networks from multiple vendors, as stated in IEEE 802.15.4g – open wireless standard specification for Smart Utility Networks. Wi-SUN provides FAN (Field Area Network), a wireless mesh networks for AMI (Advanced Metering Infrastructure), distribution automation, home energy management and […]

November 15 2 Minutes to read

Blockchain and IoT

Lately there’s a lot of talk about blockchain usage in IoT world, so I decided to investigate what’s it all about and in this post I’ll share with you some of my findings. First of all, what is a blockchain?  Blockchain is a list of data records called blocks, each of them contains a cryptographic […]

November 4 2 Minutes to read

What is AI?

There’s a lot of talk about IoT and AI, so in this post we will cover the basics – what is AI (Artificial Intelligence)? One of the definitions says: Artificial intelligence (AI) is an area of computer science that emphasizes the creation of intelligent machines that work and react like humans. AI is academic discipline […]

October 25 4 Minutes to read

What is Edge Computing?

Edge computing is when data collected from the sensors is not being computed centrally in the cloud, but rather stored and computed on the Edge devices (nodes) of an IoT network. Thus we can look at Edge computing as some kind of cloud computing optimization method, since some part of the IoT application is shifted […]

October 10 2 Minutes to read

What is a digital twin?

I’ll give you one of the definitions I liked the most: “The digital twin is the virtual representation of a physical object or system across its life-cycle. It uses real-time data and other sources to enable learning, reasoning, and dynamically re-calibrating for improved decision making”. Digital twin concept is present since 2003. and it was used […]

September 30 2 Minutes to read

WiFi in the IoT world

We’ve been writing about WiFi in IoT connectivity post, but what I’ve noticed lately is that everybody is talking about the NB-IoT, LTE-M, LoRa, Sigfox or BLE, ZigBee, Z-Wave – so I wonder, what’s happening with the good old WiFi?   As written in our earlier post, WiFi in it’s latest ac version can provide […]

September 14 2 Minutes to read

Libelium – company review

About the company Libelium is a Spanish company founded in 2006. with deployments in more than 120 countries. Their motto is to connect any sensor via any connectivity to any cloud platform. Libelium’s main product is Waspmote, an IoT end device supporting various connectivity protocols. Good thing about Libelium is that they offer  more than […]

August 24 4 Minutes to read

Kerlink – company review

About Kerlink Kerlink is French company founded back in 2004. When it started offering M2M products and solutions, and currently it is focused on offering end-to-end LoRaWAN connectivity solutions. LoRaWAN is LPWAN (Low Power Wide Area Network) technology built on top of Semtech’s chips that is low power, long range,  fully bidirectional, has native geolocation, […]

August 23 3 Minutes to read

Node-RED visual tool for wiring IoT projects

Introduction  Node-RED is an open source visual tool for wiring physical and digital world hence an ideal tool for developing IoT projects. IoT projects are most often quite complex since they need to combine different devices, APIs and one or many other services for the integrated solution. The idea behind Node-RED is to create and […]

July 29 3 Minutes to read

What are Open IoT Labs?

As you have notice, if you want to have a full E2E IoT solution, you need to integrate a bunch of different elements: sensors, devices, networking, gateways, platforms, applications. For sure you can buy all those elements one by one, get to know them, do the testing, etc. – but what if you don’t have […]

July 22 2 Minutes to read

What is an IoT platform (with example: Thingsboard IoT)

Introduction and IoT ecosystem Before writing about any IoT platform, a few words must be said about IoT platforms in general. There are several definitions available so I will try to simplify my view about it. In each case before even talking about IoT platforms, one must first define what is the IoT ecosystem (or […]

July 16 4 Minutes to read

Tracking objects using LPWAN networks

Being able to track objects (geolocation) is one of the most important applications of today M2M and more recently IoT networks. As described in the previous article there are several types of network used for IoT. However  we are talking about GPS-free geolocation which is one of the “killer apps” for LoRaWAN. SigFox doesn’t support geolocation. […]

June 30 4 Minutes to read

What is IIoT?

IIoT stands for Industrial Internet of things, and it would basically mean usage of IoT solutions in manufacturing, logistics, oil and gas, transportation, utilities and other industrial sectors. We find IIoT defined as  “as that complex of smart, connected products involving sensors and networking as well as the physical, Internet-connected manufacturing infrastructure (machines, equipment, remote […]

June 24 3 Minutes to read

Connectivity solutions for IoT

There are many very different IoT applications today from soil sensors that send a few bytes every few hours, up to the driverless car that sends many Megabytes of data constantly. Many if not all these applications depend upon good connectivity, but a question arises…what is a good connectivity for IoT? When planning IoT networks […]

June 17 5 Minutes to read

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