NEWS: Croatian IoT scene

Netokracija published an interesting article about Croatian IoT scene – focusing on startups, big names and crowd-source activities. Croatian IoT startup scene is very active and beside those companies mentioned in the article, there are many others, especially those ones focused on utility and industry segment. If you have a need for partners in those […]

September 6 < 1 Minutes to read

NEWS: The best places to work in IoT for 2019

I came across interesting article on Forbes – list of best IoT companies to work for in 2019. You can download the complete list here and if you are interested in methodology that has been used for creating the list – read short and interesting article.

August 27 < 1 Minutes to read

NEWS: UWB (Ultra-wideband) and FiRa Consortium

UWB technology is not planning to be used for connectivity but instead for location based services since it offers fine ranging which would allow to deliver a high level of accuracy of the position of the device and also the distance. It can be used for all non-GPS i.e. indoor or similar use cases where […]

August 26 < 1 Minutes to read

NEWS: Semtech releases REference Kit to Simplify Development of LoRa

Semtech is the company making the chips for the LoRa based devices and now they have gone an interesting step further by releasing an interesting kit for smart building solutions. The smart building market is using more and more IoT devices and now IoT smart building market is estimated to be around $791 million. The […]

August 26 < 1 Minutes to read

NEWS: Smart City Bot

Recently I have been exploring the features of virtual assistants and now I’m planning a visit to Berlin with my family during our summer vacation. Nowadays, planning is a bit different than before, since we also need to plan things that might be interesting for our 3-year old kid. That’s not a problem for sure, […]

August 9 2 Minutes to read

NEWS:”Data is the new oil”?!

I believe all of us heard the phrase ” Data is the new oil.” and I’m not gonna discuss is this true or false, but the fact is that we need real data to make our solutions work in real world scenarios. There are immense data sources that are not being open to the general […]

August 1 < 1 Minutes to read

NEWS: New Raspberry Pi 4 – more than a hobbyist machine?

According to the news from the Raspberry Pi Foundation they are aiming for the new Pi to be used as a real PC but also as a useful industrial computer. Raspberry Pi 4 now comes with quad-core 64-bit processor running at 1.5GHz; 1, 2 or 4 GB of RAM; built-in Bluetooth Low Energy 5.0; Gigabit […]

July 22 < 1 Minutes to read

NEWS: Pest control and LoRaWAN

I have read an interesting article about partnership with the American operator Senet and pest control product maker Woodstream Co. Their products are actually rodent traps with LoRa connectivity that gives these traps mobile and web monitoring, real-time alerting and multi-year battery life. The major benefits are faster emptying of the traps, disease control and […]

July 22 < 1 Minutes to read

NEWS: IKEA smart home

Maybe you haven’t noticed earlier, but IKEA enriching it’s smart home offering – from lights, blinds to to smart speaker that is coming soon and who knows what else. IKEA might easily become major player in this segment, since the product are affordable, easy to use, they work with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit and […]

March 31 < 1 Minutes to read

NEWS: Project “Vukovar – our view of smart living”

It’s always refreshing and fulfilling to see ideas of young minds and I’m thrilled to see Vukovar youngsters have their view of SMART living IN VUKOVAR. They won 2019th  Arduino Day Community Challenge in the field of Education. Big congratulation to Matija Hardi, Ivan Kolar, Marko Macura, Matko Gašparić and their mentors. In the video bellow […]

March 31 < 1 Minutes to read

NEWS: Smart home security – some useful tips for starting

Since I am looking into smart home more recently I have found and interesting getting started article about Home security system considerations here. One of the first things is to define the concerns:  biggest worries, must-have security features, connectivity types (WiFi, Bluetooth, etc.), how large is the home, professional monitoring or not, the budget, how often do I […]

March 20 < 1 Minutes to read

NEWS: Good overview of IIOT trends from Bain

I have managed to read an interesting article from Bain (a management consulting company) that gives a good overview of IIOT trends. For me the fact that the predictive maintenance has failed to take off as broadly as expected is also a surprise. The artice gives some good trending graphs about: Short and long-term predictions about implementation […]

March 19 < 1 Minutes to read

NEWS: Coffee&IoT

If you are a coffee lover as I am, than you’ll be thrilled with Coffee Cloud startup and their goal of making “our” world better. NO MORE bad taste of first morning cups of coffee, because someone was lazy to clean the espresso machine. It’s all about the quality of the entire supply chain, so you’d […]

March 18 < 1 Minutes to read

App control to your home’s circuit breakers by Leviton

When I have read this article my first thought was….hey I would like to have this in my home :). Leviton has managed to make a smart load breaker box with added WiFi/Ethernet hub that will let you manage each of your circuit breakers from your phone. Some of the benefits of the technology are: […]

March 10 < 1 Minutes to read

Facebook is open sourcing Magma, core part of LTE network

Recently, I have managed to read an interesting article about Facebook open sourcing Magma in order to extend mobile network deployments in remote, underdeveloped and generally rural areas. Magma is central (and the most complex) part of the LTE network, its core i.e. full name EPC (Evolved Packet Core). This brings a lot of possibility […]

March 10 < 1 Minutes to read

Is the smart home is broken?

According to this article the answer would be…not far from it! due to the fact that the smart home of today can’t provide the integrated and contextualized experience that homeowners expect from a “smart” system. Althouh competition is good since it increases choice, it leads to a fragmented market and a worse user experience. To combat this […]

January 31 < 1 Minutes to read

NEWS: Will China build the first smart highway?

The premise of this interesting article and the answer to the question from the title is YES, the first smart smart highway will be built in China since it has shown the capability to implement technology quickly and relatively efficiently. China is the premier environment for the world’s first smart roadway because of its unique infrastructure […]

January 28 < 1 Minutes to read

LoRaWAN and Cellular IoT used in harmony?

Although many IoT articles can be found that go in the direction LoRaWAN vs Cellular IoT this article depicts a different picture where these two can be used in a harmony. The end customers don’t care much about the connectivity solution anyway! LoRa chips use around 5x less energy hence they can be used with […]

January 28 < 1 Minutes to read

NEWS: Startup that will offer a space-based secure data storage and services

We have already brought to you news about LoRa IoT satellite system and now have another extraterrestrial news –  a space-based secure data storage and services. Startup Cloud Constellation raised 100 million USD for their project with the plan to launch its Low Earth Orbit (LEO) network composed of 8 satellite in total and have it operational by Q4 2021. […]

January 19 < 1 Minutes to read

IoT trends to watch in 2019.

Although the 2019. has started almost 20 days ago, I have stumbled upon a good overview article about IoT future predictions and trends to watch. These trends are described in the telecom industry, cybersecurity, data and sensors, cloud edge and hybrid solutions and finally smart cities. The article gives a broad overview about trends. Here […]

January 18 < 1 Minutes to read

IoT helping bee hives and IoT sensors on bumblebees

I recently stumpled upon two interesting articles. We are all aware that bees are the most important pollinator in the world and that we can thank them for 30 percent of our food and there is a fact of the ever rising population on earth. Currently there exists a big problem of bee colony collapse and […]

December 18 < 1 Minutes to read

NEWS: Gartner’s Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies in 2018

Gartner’s Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies is focused on technologies that are expected to bring a high level competitive advantage over the next decade – so it’s interesting survey for business decision makers as well as for individuals steering their career development. Here’s the article that brings 5 emerging trends in 2018’s Hype Cycle for Emerging […]

November 21 < 1 Minutes to read

NEWS: LoRaWAN and CIoT coexistence

After its first launch of LTE-M network in Belgium, MNO Orange announced launch of  LTE-M network in France and they plan to launch it in Romania and Spain by the end of 2018. Also, LTE-M compatible devices will be listed on Orange’s marketplace for IoT devices and connectivity – Datavenue Market. This news wouldn’t be […]

November 20 < 1 Minutes to read

NEWS: Mission Critical IoT Networks and a new IEEE 802.16s standard

For utility companies there are several reasons why they should own their own networks and not rely on public cellular networks: reliability and latency, connectivity in rural areas, no over-subscription (hence they work the same way in disaster scenarios). The new worldwide standard, IEEE 802.16s, was released in October 2017. Some more information about the standard and […]

November 18 < 1 Minutes to read

NEWS: Integrating different types of data – a Microsoft approach

Microsoft recently launched a new Open Data Initiative (ODI) with two big software firms SAP and Adobe. More details can be seen in this video Introduction to the Microsoft Common Data Model. Microsft plans to integrate different types of data so that developers and project managers don’t need to do it. Here is a small […]

November 17 < 1 Minutes to read

NEWS: 60 GHz ISM sensors for detecting objects, people and more

The 60 Ghz unlicensed spectrum was planned to be used for ultra fast WiFi networks but due to big problems with going very far and going through and around walls there are no commercial deployments. The benefit of the millimeter wavelengths is the fact that FR circuitry can be used to detect objects, people, even […]

November 17 < 1 Minutes to read

NEWS: Actility and Microchip Technology collaboration

World’s leading trade fair and conference for electronics Electronica 2018 was held in Munich from 13th till 16th of November. One of the interesting news that we got from there is collaboration of Actility and Microchip Technology with a goal of helping manufactures to accelerate the time needed for their IoT device getting to the market. There’s […]

November 16 < 1 Minutes to read

NEWS: Healthcare transformation with innovative technologies

From its very beginnings, some general idea of medicine is to make people live longer, healthier and at the end happier. There were many breakthough discoveries in the filed of medicine, but it seems that today’s digital technology could truly transform the healthcare – from improving patient treatment to balancing workload for the nurses and […]

November 11 < 1 Minutes to read

NEWS: Sigfox Connect 2018

Sigfox CONNECT 2018 conference was held on 25th of October in Berlin. There were many interesting announcements but for purpose of those of you that are coming from SEE and would like to develop solution for Sigfox market, so you need coverage for testing or PoC – from 2017. Croatian Sigfox network operator IoT Net […]

November 6 < 1 Minutes to read

NEWS: IoT security becoming a government issue?

We have already passed the news about UK government announcement for code of practice around consumer IoT devices, but it seems that IoT security is becoming important issue in the eyes of the government. So, a Governor of California Jerry Brown signed Bill SB-327 – first IoT related cyber-security law in one of the US […]

October 30 < 1 Minutes to read

NEWS: Calving Sensor

I’d say that this is one of IoT classics: simple and effective improvement of a day to day life process. Moocall team found out that there’s a high mortality rate during the calving process, so they came up wit the solution – Moocall calving sensor.  The device measures the tail movement to predict the onset of calving and […]

October 28 < 1 Minutes to read

NEWS: Spray on IoT antennas

It’s obvious that in the future we will have enormous number of IoT sensors  and since they’ll mostly communicate wireless – they’ll all need a proper antenna. It’s quite challenging for engineers to construct proper antenna for such a small sensor that can be placed on all the unusual places. Another challenge that will have […]

October 26 < 1 Minutes to read

NEWS: Einstein Voice

Maybe you missed a news from Salesforce’s Dreamforce conference – there are already well known Siri, Alexa, Cortana and now we have Einstein voice assistant. Why is this important? Well, how do you feel about logging all your notes after the meeting? Even thought it’s needed to be done and it’s tremendously useful afterwards, nobody really enjoys […]

October 23 < 1 Minutes to read

NEWS: LoRa IoT satellite system by Lacuna space

Lacuna Space signed a contract with NanoAvionics to conduct an in-orbit demonstration of an Internet of Things (IoT) network. The end goals is to deploy a 32 IoT low earth (500 km) satellite system covering the whole world. Lacuna is not the only company trying to cover the satellite IoT space by using nanosatellites since […]

October 19 < 1 Minutes to read

NEWS: Twilio launches NB-IoT kit for developers

I have recently stumbled upon Twillio and it’s definitely quite an interesting company. The company main focus is handling the backend and connecting to various telecom hardware by exposing a globally available cloud API that developers can use to build communications systems. Here I am writing about the products called Super SIM (one SIM to […]

October 19 < 1 Minutes to read

NEWS: IoT security standardization (code of practice)

The UK government has announced standardization i.e. code of practice around consumer IoT devices since it is very important to get security solved in the design phase. Currently HP and Centrica Hive have signed up to the agreement but probably more big companies will follow. It will interesting to see will the smaller vendors and […]

October 19 < 1 Minutes to read

NEWS: IoT in a mission of offender rehabilitation

We can often hear that the prisons are overpopulated and that situation is getting worse and this is definitely a problem to be solved – why not to do it with IoT technology. Geosatis is bringing interesting use case for IoT in a mission of offender rehabilitation, enhanced public safety and reduced recidivism. They made […]

October 16 < 1 Minutes to read

NEWS: Hearing impaired doorbell hack

Here’s the hearing impaired doorbell hack that you may find helpful for someone who’s having a problem of not getting a fully functional solution with commercial off the shelf hearing impaired products. General idea of this hack is to be able to see lights flashing in the multiple rooms at the same time. A possible upgrade of […]

October 15 < 1 Minutes to read

NEWS: Predictive maintenance with Google

Predictive maintenance is one of the mostly mentioned and actually used IoT use cases. Predictive maintenance is used to determine when a manufacturing plant, machine or component would fail and with that it is possible to reduce downtime, reduce maintenance costs, understand the root causes of failures and improve operational effectiveness and safety. The article […]

October 15 < 1 Minutes to read

NEWS: Micro:bit Educational Foundation

Micro:bit Educational Foundation  is a not-profit organisation with a vision to inspire every child to create their best digital future. So, next generation of hardware and software designers have used Micro:bit to provide learning to more than 5 million chilrdren about IoT and SW development. There have been national roll-outs in primary and secondary schools in Singapore, Iceland, […]

October 11 < 1 Minutes to read

NEWS: IoT LoRa Airship Balloon

Using different kinds of airship balloons for getting rapid on-demand wireless network coverage or capacity upgrade is not a new concept, some of you maybe remember the HiperSfera project that was in front of its time. Anyhow, on Alibaba Cloud Computing Conference 2018. Wei Wu, Director of Ecological Cooperation, Alibaba Cloud IoT  announced the news about the industry’s first LoRa […]

October 10 < 1 Minutes to read

NEWS: IoT is getting high

Marijuana is becoming a booming legal business in U.S. and Canada as many states have legalized recreational and medical usage. As in every business, getting high profit margins is important and growers are turning to high tech solutions – thus we are seeing tremendously high impact of IoT for achieving that goal. Things are simple, everyone […]

October 2 < 1 Minutes to read

NEWS: Recommendation for Youtube channel “Ja, Preduzetnik”

Idea behind “Ja, Preduzetnik” is to encourage people to become entrepreneurs. Guys will interview successful entrepreneurs from Serbia that will share their stories about life, about success and failure and business lessons. The first interview is very open, honest and inspiring and the guest is Nebojša Matić from MikroElektonika – an very important company if you are […]

September 25 < 1 Minutes to read

NEWS: Amazon Devices Event 2018 announcements

This year’s Amazon Devices Event announcement brought us 12 new smart devices and the pricing for some of them is really competitive – 60 USD for AmazonBasis Microwave is a good price for a microwave in home appliance segment. Anyhow, this Amazon’s announcement got me thinking of how important is the product’s security from a manufacturer standpoint. If […]

September 24 < 1 Minutes to read

NEWS: Top 14 AgTech startups & 6 IoT solutions in AgTech

Agricultural technology is developing in a rapid pace and there is a lot of money being invested in Agricultural technology or shortened AgTech startups. AgTech works side by side with IoT since it uses soil sensors, cameras, weather stations etc. that gather data about farming operations and send data via different connectivity options to the […]

September 23 < 1 Minutes to read

NEWS: IoT visualization tools

One of the biggest benefits of IoT and connected devices is continuous data acquisition since by analyzing this data companies can predict equipment failures, identify bottlenecks or overstaffing and many other useful informations. However, there are more than 8 billion IoT devices around the world generating huge amounts of data so apart from problems with […]

September 23 < 1 Minutes to read

NEWS: Leading factories of the future

World Economic Forum (WEF) selected nine leading factories in the world  when it comes to implementation of Industry 4.0 technologies – survey was done on over the 1000 qualified manufacturing sites. The list can be found here and as you can see WEF stated that “Three of the nine “lighthouse” sites are in China, five are […]

September 15 < 1 Minutes to read

NEWS: Outside the classroom STEM resources

Netokracija brings interesting article regarding STEM resources available outside of the classroom that you can introduce to your kids.  Article is focused on the courses available in Croatia, but there’s also the part covering DIY sets and some online videos and platforms, useful for those of you that are not from Croatia. Even though in Croatia […]

September 13 < 1 Minutes to read

NEWS: 2G and 3G – The end

I found this news, from MNO Telia Company, about their plan to phase out the 3G network in Norway starting at year-end 2018/2019. It got me thinking and a lot of “!?!?” came to my mind. When and how this will be done in SEE region – there are still no announcements, but this will […]

September 6 < 1 Minutes to read

NEWS: VIP IoT challenge

Interesting and important news from Serbia. Vip mobile has organized “IoT Challange” that’s open for applications untill 30th of September 2018. They are looking for a unique IoT solution based on NB-IoT in the fields of transportation, agriculture, wearables and environmental protection. Selection criteria will be based on a clear definition of solution for the problem, […]

September 5 < 1 Minutes to read

NEWS: Does voice and IoT makes sense?

Voice communications using cellular networks from 2G to 3G/LTE is with us for a long time, but does it makes sense to use voice on locations powered by batteries (low power) with LTE-M service as well? In comparison NBIoT is used for even lower powered applications and due to very low bandwidth can’t support voice. […]

September 2 < 1 Minutes to read

NEWS: Huawei helping accelerate PLC-IoT standard

PLC stands for Power Line Communications and it is a way to communicate via power lines. This is a great thing since existing power lines can be used hence no additional fixed cabling and no wireless is necessary. However, there are some bandwidth and range constraints. The new IEEE 1901.1 standard that is now backed […]

September 2 < 1 Minutes to read

NEWS: IoTivity 2.0 – the long awaited smart home interoperability standard

The Open Connectivity Foundation (OCF) has finally released the 2.0 specification called IoTivity 2.0 which is the standard that enables interoperability for the smart home internet of things. Plainly said by using this standard, smart light bulbs from different vendors will use standard commands to be turned on/off, dimmed or to manage the color of the […]

September 1 < 1 Minutes to read

NEWS: Upcoming IoT Events in SEE region

So, as summer is ending, I decided to make a backup plan for those rainy days that are coming – good thing that autumn is full of interesting conferences. I’m bringing you an overview list of those in SEE region to which you can just pop-up without lot of planning: Data Science Conference in Belgrade […]

September 1 < 1 Minutes to read

NEWS: Democracy vs. China’s version of Socialism using Big data & AI

This time I’d like to share some social media news with you, since we all think about the possibility that someone will try to use IoT to spy on us and thus in some way try to control us . This is not something new and brought by IoT and we are all anyway carrying smartphones […]

August 29 < 1 Minutes to read

NEWS: Digital monitoring solution for objects made of concrete on Düsseldorf Airport

Another interesting solution that originated from tech incubator hub:raum is digital monitoring solution for bridges, tunnels, buildings, and other infrastructure objects made of concrete. BS2 Sicherheitssysteme implemented its solution in the access road to Düsseldorf Airport’s fuel tank farm. There are some 50 sensors in the road surface and bridge copings, they measure temperature, humidity, and corrosion. Sensors are using Deutsche […]

August 23 < 1 Minutes to read

NEWS: EcoMobile’s Smart Waste system for Smart City Bonn

EcoMobile’s Smart Waste system for remote waste container fill level measuring, and collection routes optimization was installed for Smart City Bonn pilot project. Smart Waste solution utilizes NB-IoT  for data transfer, so it was among the first commercial products in the world that support NB-IoT for the connectivity. EcoMobile ended up as a part of selected group […]

August 22 < 1 Minutes to read

NEWS: Forrester wave report about IIOT

Forrester is like Gartner one of the companies that is making very good technological analysis and comparisons and this reports covers industrial IoT players in the ecosystem. The important factors considered are analytics, integration with enterprise software and digital twin technology and out of 15 analyzed companies the leaders are IBM, Microsoft, SAP, PTC and […]

August 21 < 1 Minutes to read

NEWS: Fast and simple provisioning IoT devices using sound

Audio IoT company Chirp integrated its technology into the Microsoft Azure IoT platform to be able to provision IoT devices in matter of seconds instead of minutes. The technology is basically using sound to send data to devices, these data being the WiFi SSID, login credentials for the cloud etc. More information with live demo […]

August 21 < 1 Minutes to read

NEWS: Google Next ’18 IoT announcements

Google Cloud Next ‘18 had over 23 000 attendees and there were many interesting news from the fields of  collaboration, security and IoT.  I’ll be focusing on the most important ones in regards to IoT world: Cloud IoT Edge – SW for IoT gateway devices running Android Things/Linux. Since the focus of Cloud IoT Edge is […]

August 14 < 1 Minutes to read

NEWS: A really useful IoT camera or…how to make your fridge smarter and save money in the way

Generally we don’t plan to write much about consumer segment of IoT, our initial aim is to cover the IoT for business customers in several verticals. However, every now and then we find something quite interesting. One of these things is the FridgeCam from Smarter that is set up in your fridge and that makes […]

August 12 < 1 Minutes to read

NEWS: Smart tennis racket

While I was looking for some new sport activity that my wife and I could start practicing, and spend some quality time together I found a very interesting IoT like proposition nad since there are quite a few tennis courts around the area where we live, decision was obvious. Since we didn’t play tennis before […]

August 9 < 1 Minutes to read

NEWS: LoRa network launched by Telekom Srbija

This is actually an update to my earlier post, last week Telekom Srbija launched its LoRa network that’s covering wider area of Belgrade, but they announced national coverage in near future. Use case is to establish security control over underground cable infrastructure of Telekom Srbija and finally solve the problem of unauthorized access and cable […]

August 7 < 1 Minutes to read

NEWS: Siemens will buy low code IoT platform Mendix for almost 1 Billion $

Siemens have announced the acquisition of Mendix for a hefty price of $730M. The main reason for this purchase is to make it easier for system integrators, solution providers and app developers using Siemens Mindsphere IoT platform to make applications faster and easier. Mendix is well known for the low code application development technology which […]

August 5 < 1 Minutes to read

NEWS: New sierra wireless IoT router and EDGE device

Sierra wireless has just announced a very compact cellular router for IoT named AirLink LX40. Apart from being a router this device supports processing data at the edge with edge application framework and it also has I/O options, can be PoE powered and supports WiFi. The device is available in standard LTE Cat-4 variant for […]

August 5 < 1 Minutes to read

NEWS: Cognitive Car User Manual

Recently I got a new car and with it a hard copy of user manual. Since I have other literature that I find more interesting than a few hundred pages long car user manual, I didn’t read it – it’s stored in the gloves compartment. So, I’ll pull my car a side take the user […]

August 2 < 1 Minutes to read

NEWS: Usage-based car insurance and IoT

Usage-based car insurance (UBI) is a relatively new concept where your insurance policy costs depends on collected data about how much do you drive, where, when and how. Telemetry allows that this data is sent in real time and thus allows dynamic changing of the cost of the insurance in dependence to the risk assessment […]

July 31 < 1 Minutes to read

NEWS: Choosing the right microcontroller for your IoT project

When we talk about things in the IoT world, we not only talk about sensors or actuators, we are actually talking about smart objects that are effectively microcontrollers with Internet connectivity. The difference between a microcontroller and microprocessor is the fact that microprocessor is more powerful and general purpose, and microcontrollers are slower, cheaper, purposely […]

July 26 < 1 Minutes to read

NEWS: LoRa vs SigFox news note and SigFox problems

Although I have already wrote about connectivity options for IoT systems and also about Lora vs SigFox, here I would like to link to another very good and brief article from Link-labs. The article compares SigFox and LoRa, two of the most prominent players in the unlicensed LPWAN market. SigFox chips and modules are made […]

July 23 < 1 Minutes to read

NEWS: Microsoft released Windows IoT Core services

It is well known that Microsft entered the IoT race and invested big into its Azure IoT platform and also offers free of charge Windows 10 IoT Core operating system made to run on connected things like Raspberry Pi and similar. A quick video about it is here. Now, Microsoft released Windows IoT Core services […]

July 23 < 1 Minutes to read

NEWS: MIOTY – another IIOT wireless standard backed by Microsoft, Hitachi and Advantech

It seems like a new wireless standard which is ambitiously named „The WiFi of IIOT“ has just been published. It’s been designed at the Fraunhofer Institute, licensed by Behr Technologies and it’s called MIOTY. This LPWAN network has quite similar features to SigFox specs with the similar range of up to 15 km, 407 bps […]

July 20 < 1 Minutes to read

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