FAILures of IoT projects

With this post I decided to cover the failures of IoT projects – inspiration for the post came when I stumbled on a list of failed IoT companies. According to Cisco’s survey nearly 75% of IoT projects fail – I believe the main reason why this figure is so high lies in the fact that […]

September 10 3 Minutes to read

The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy – book review

Introduction This book is the best personal development book that I have read so far. There are many reasons for this. First it is not too long and there are no parts that are typically found in books to just fill up the space, I recommend no skipping. Also, there are so many practical tips, […]

September 10 8 Minutes to read

Where to get funding for IoT project?

When starting any IoT project with prospect of being successful, beside a bit of luck, you’ll need some essential resources, like proper skill set, time and money. In this post I’ll focus on where to get funding and some steps that I find important to consider. There are many ways of getting funding: equity crowdfundings,venture […]

August 5 2 Minutes to read

The E-Myth Revisited: Why Most Small Businesses Don’t Work and What to Do About It by Michael E. Gerber – book review

Introduction The book E myth revisited is another book about entrepreneurship that I am reviewing. I find this book a great asset for every aspiring entrepreneur. Since I myself do have some entrepreneurial experience I have found some of the advice logical, however someone with no such experience would find most of the concepts in […]

July 5 6 Minutes to read

Be obsessed or be Average by Grant Cardone – book review

Introduction The book Be obsessed or be Average by Grant Cardone is actually the first book that I am reviewing. One of the main reasons for this review is the fact that I highly recommend this book to pretty much anyone! However, I recommend this book especially to entrepreneurs, people who want to grow and […]

June 25 8 Minutes to read

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