Nikola Mataga and Ivan Šašlin are two IoT enthusiasts and IoT evangelists from Croatia (European Union). We have years of experience working in telecommunications with strong business, entrepreneurial and project management drive. In our current jobs we do a lot of engineering for telecommunications and IoT solutions, project management, commissioning and maintenance. We also enjoy doing business and strategic planning, consulting, sales and educate peers and clients.

Ivan holds a Master’s degree in Electrical engineering, and works as Business Development Manager for King-ICT which is one of the top regional systems integration companies. Nikola currently holds a Masters Degree but in 2018. plans to defend his Ph.D. thesis in wireless communications. Nikola is working as CTO in Micro-link, one of the leading system integrator companies in Croatia.

We share the opinion that IoT will change the world that we know today and we have a strong desire to be a part of it and to understand it more deeply. Since we plan to spend a lot of time reading, doing, planning and experimenting with IoT solutions, we decided to share our ideas, doubts, knowledge, experience, fails and success with the IoT community.

If you’d like to share your IoT knowledge and experience, or you may have some questions for us, feel free to contact us via email on and

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