SafeTrx Mariner TS1 is a part of broader SafeTrx application solution for logging, tracking the vessels, monitoring and reviewing of co-related events, developed by 8 West.  Since large vessels already have AIS and marine VHF radio as a safety and SAR alert systems, idea of SafeTrx is to focus on smaller vessels and boats.

What about surfers, kayakers,  kiteboards or other extreme water sport adrenaline junkies for whom smartphone application is not an option? For all of them 8 West is developing  SafeTrx Mariner TS1 – a small device that can be installed anywhere. We got one device for testing as a part of prototype experience program, so here’s an short overview of what it can do.

It’s rather small (62x42x24 mm, 58 g) and simple device that comes in a package with a waterproof pouch and lanyard, Micro-USB charging cable.  SafeTrx Mariner TS1 requires Sigfox network coverage to be operational. With fully charged battery it has the capacity to record locations for 1 month – unfortunately we didn’t had time to test it for that long period.

How does it work? When you are on the move, GPS position is sent to Safe Trx every 10 minutes. Most important feature is “emergency alert button” and usage is simple and logical as it should be – press the button 3 times. After that, emergency alert would be sent to the rescue coordination center and SafeTrx would display positional information on the map with all other data that you have provided in your profile.

For sure, there are many possibilities for additional applications of SafeTrx Mariner TS1: rental services, sea events, fleets management and others. It’s nice to see how IoT as a simple and cost effective technology is embracing our lives by bringing additional awareness and safety. I wish a lot of success to the 8 West team and I’m certain that they will bring many new interesting products to the market. If you have some comment or need additional information, please write to


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