Although I have already wrote about connectivity options for IoT systems and also about Lora vs SigFox, here I would like to link to another very good and brief article from Link-labs. The article compares SigFox and LoRa, two of the most prominent players in the unlicensed LPWAN market. SigFox chips and modules are made by several manufacturers and they are quite low cost, but the network and backend is totally owned by SigFox or the appointed SigFox operator which is good since allows roaming and bad since you have only one option. On the other hand LoRa is made only by one chip company but it is an open and managed by an alliance hence slower adoption but more standardized solution with rich ecosystem of vendors. LoRa roaming support is yet in its draft but the good thing about it is that you can buy LoRa base station and “make” your own private network which is not possible with SigFox. Use cases for both are quite similar with one slight difference that fully bidirectional use cases are not supported with SigFox. In the end I would give a slight edge to LoRa which will probably have its niche market in the future, while SigFox is in peril to be dominated by cellular solutions even if it keeps the price edge. More about current problems with SigFox revenues, growth and management in this article.


NEWS: Croatian IoT scene

Netokracija published an interesting article about Croatian IoT scene – focusing on startups, big names and crowd-source activities. Croatian IoT startup scene is very active and beside those companies mentioned in the article, there are many others, especially those ones focused on utility and industry segment. If you have a need for partners in those […]

September 6 < 1 Minutes to read

NEWS: The best places to work in IoT for 2019

I came across interesting article on Forbes – list of best IoT companies to work for in 2019. You can download the complete list here and if you are interested in methodology that has been used for creating the list – read short and interesting article.

August 27 < 1 Minutes to read

NEWS: UWB (Ultra-wideband) and FiRa Consortium

UWB technology is not planning to be used for connectivity but instead for location based services since it offers fine ranging which would allow to deliver a high level of accuracy of the position of the device and also the distance. It can be used for all non-GPS i.e. indoor or similar use cases where […]

August 26 < 1 Minutes to read

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