When I started reading about IoT, it looked pretty blurry – sensors, devices, networking, gateways, platforms, applications….solutions popping out from every corner and each web page.

Anyhow, with this post I’d like to make an overview of where to find good online IoT courses that I managed to stumble upon.

I would recommend a self learning approach but with strong focus that depends on your area of interest and the desire in which area to grow. It’s always good to define ambitious goals and if possible to aim activities that might reach several goals. Good options are making your own IoT solution that you consider beneficial, getting a job as IoT systems developer or maybe IoT network/security engineer, learn and develop the IoT business cases etc.

You won’t have any problems to find resources for getting started, since there’s a bunch of it on Internet, but don’t go for the first course in front of you, stay focused and take the course that is in line with your goals. If you really don’t have any knowledge about IoT, do take some IoT overview training, but always keep in mind where you wanna be.   

As I have said before, there’s so many resource available online and here’s the list that you might find useful:











IoT – University


IoT university





Once again, be careful that you don’t lose focus on your goals, since being in sync with them is the only way you’ll succeed. As some say, practice really is the best teacher, but always in-line with your goals. IoT is great and very interesting area, hence people have tendency to get lost on their IoT journey and the hype around IoT, and IoT sulutions and companies popping from everywhere are not helping in our effort of avoiding that trap.

We’ll appreciate any feedback, comments and shared info about new online IoT courses sent to simple@simpleiot.eu.


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