If you are designing, developing or testing your IoT solution, at some moment you’ll probably want to know what IoT networks do you have available to use. You can investigate at your own, but I’m writing this post to hopefully save you some time.

According to the Sigfox coverage overview in the Adria region, only in Croatia there is a Sigfox operator IoT Net and Slovenia is on the SigFox roadmap. We currently don’t have any official information for the remaining countries so if you may have information please write?

Solvera Lynx is as they say, “the only ready-to-use IoT network in Slovenia”. The network is a  LoRaWAN based and it’s covering city of Ljubljana and some “major urban and industrial areas” in Slovenia. Their ambition is to have IoT network that’s covering Slovenia and neighboring countries.

Regarding the non-commercial open networks that are part of the The Things Network community, it can be seen that there are LoRaWAN based networks in Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia.

In Slovenia, according to the news from the beginning of 2018. “Telekom Slovenije has completed testing of NB-IoT technology on its LTE network, and is planning to establish NB-IoT test environments in Ljubljana and Maribor for companies, individual developers and educational institutions to test their own IoT solutions”. Telekom Slovenije also has traditional M2M services in its offering that’s still a good choice if you can have a proper power supply. A1 also offers M2M services and soon the will probably have IoT services, since they are part of a bigger regional Telekom Austria Group that already has “A1 Digital IoT Lab powered by Nokia” based on NB-IoT. T2 also offers M2M services, but there’s no information about their plans for IoT services offering.

In Croatia, Hrvatski Telekom was the first to launch NB-IoT network in Croatia that is commercially available as of 2nd of May 2018. Hrvatski Telekom is a part of Deutsche Telekom Group that is very active in development of IoT world and they are supporting their partners to move from M2M to NB-IoT business models. VIPNet, who is part of Telekom Austria Group, has IoT and M2M offering but only M2M commercial conditions are listed. TELE2 Croatia has M2M/IoT offering in their portfolio. They are part of TELE2 Group that is investing a quite a lot in IoT development and promotion and they are also creating strategic partnerships for global IoT deployments.

In Bosnia and Herzegovina, BH Telecom announced that they would be building a unique Internet of Things (IoT) platform, but currently they only have commercial offerings for M2M services. Even though HT Eronet presented IoT services, there’s no commercial offering since they as well only have their M2M services listed. M:tel currently doesn’t have any commercial offerings for IoT services.

Telekom Srbija’s MTS announced that they will start building LoRaWAN based network at the beginning of 2018. MTS is currently offering only certain M2M services. Telenor Srbija was sold to PPF in 2018. and that might be the reason why there’s still no information about their IoT plans and offerings. I was not able to find commercial offering for their M2M services as well. VIP mobile has only commercial offering for M2M services, but being part of Telekom Austria Group they’ll certainly be focused on bringing IoT offerings to the market of Serbia.

Telenor Crna gora has M2M services listed commercially, but there’s no news in regards to their IoT plans – it might be also caused by recent acquisition from PPF. For Telekom, I also couldn’t find M2M nor IoT services offering, but since they are owned by Hrvatski Telekom they will certainly go in that direction in near future, but if you have a need now just contact them directly by email. I was also not able to find any commercial offering of IoT nor M2M services for M.tel.

M2M.COM seems to have a very good overview of M2M Developer Kits offering with useful “By Location” filter.

To conclude, at this moment there are is not much coverage with the real LPWAN networks in the region, but I see a lot of momentum and I hope that this will rapidly change for the better quite soon.

If you happen to know more, or would like to comment please write, since I plan to supplement this with new information about IoT networks in our region. You can reach us via simple@simpleiot.eu.


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